Roberts Bakery hosts ‘sky high tea’

Embrace the new - afternoon tea with a twist!

The sky was the limit for Northwich-Based Roberts bakery last week, as the firm launched Manchester’s lastest pop-up restaurant… and ‘up’ is most certainly the right word!

For one day only, the Cheshire bakery brand hosted the very highest of high teas - suspended 100ft in the air above the Etihad Stadium.

Throughout the day, more than 100 passengers enjoyed a delicious afternoon tea which incorporated Roberts’ brand new and innovative range of products.

These included boozy ‘Gin & Tonic Fun Buns’ and open sandwiches made with ‘Fiery Corn Ready-to Rolls’ and the artisan ‘Bloomers’.

Alison Ordonez, innovation director at Roberts, commented: “This high-flying afternoon tea experience provided us with a perfect, high flying platform to present our new products, on pack recipe ideas and to preview some of our previously unseen and untasted products.

“From The Exploratory [development kitchen] at Roberts’ HQ, we had real fun developing the most deliciously flavoured, visually impactful mini loaves.

“These included one that was stuffed full of fresh courgette and mushroom and seasoned with turmeric and another marbled with red pesto and pink peppercorns and finished with a soft creamy goats cheese centre.

“We also created a brilliantly bijou white loaf with a secret centre of creamy camembert cheese and rose jelly. All were served with a selection of complementary gourmet butters and oils.”



Roberts’ Sky High Tea was the first ever high altitude dining event to be held in the North West.

The city now joins the ranks of other UK destinations (London, Glasgow, Newcastle, Southampton and Bristol) as well as major international cities such as Los Angeles, Sydney, Dubai, Saint-Tropez, Kuala Lumpur, Brussels and Rome.

(Although, the typical Manchester weather made sure we knew we knew exactly whereabouts in the world we were - despite being elevated 100ft from the ground!)

This Sky High Tea event supported Roberts’ recent rebrand and the roll out of a radically new brand identity.

The new products are now available at numerous stores across the UK.

Stuart Spencer-Calnan, managing director of Roberts, said: “We rebranded and relaunched with a highly innovative identity and product range just six weeks ago and what better way to celebrate our reception and feedback than with afternoon tea party in the sky?

“We’re truly committed to innovation so it also gave us a perfect platform to offer all 110 guests a totally unique experience. We all had a great time enjoying the most al fresco afternoon tea and simply spectacular views of the city.”

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