Alderley Edge - Mind, Body And Spirit

Rosemary Douglas returns to Festival Hall - 25th/26th November

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Set in the beautiful town of Alderley Edge, in the heart of Cheshire, the Mind, Body and Spirit Event comes to the Festival Hall this month, with a superb line-up on offer for visitors.

Organiser Rosemary Douglas explained: “This is our annual Alderley Edge Event, and we always really look forward to our end of year show at this delightful refurbished venue it’s absolutely splendid now, with its completely new interior.”

Rosemary added: “We have in-house cafe provided by Paul Checkett from Azulito Cafe, the drinks and food are exceptional so you can have a relaxing day with us and or pop in and out and go to one of the many coffee houses in the town it’s an absolutely delightful town too, take a stroll down the main street.”

The talks and workshops at the event provide a great infrastructure to the show. They can support you, guide you, and be a motivational force - sometimes giving you that upliftment and spiritual joy, to help you on your journey.

 There will be 30+ exhibitors including: international mediums Simon Goodfellow, Mark Aston, Ali Mather, Shirley Rose, Leigh Rebekha , Suzanne Potts, Jackie Townsend (Leo Moon Astrology) and Stephanie J King.

Also in attendance will be an international trance medium healer and author bringing and sharing her wisdom and love.

Past life regression is with John Richardson who will be available for past life sessions at the show, also psychic artist Kaye Anna Law will be available for a psychic portrait, or a psychic portrait with a reading.

You can pre-book any appointment to be sure you get the person you want on the day and time that’s preferable to you.

The first free raffle each day will be drawn at 12:30pm and will be a psychic portrait with Kaye Anna Law.

The second free raffle will be drawn at 4pm and is a copy of the Angelic Messages book and also a packet of the Angelic Messages cards from Stephanie - it’s the same prize both days, for both draws.

There will be an interesting array of healers such as Irma Ziolkowska offering crystal bed healing with John of God Healing. Access the bars, Indian head massage, reflexology, intuitive energy healing, spiritual healing.

Book any healing or reading in advance of the day - telephone 07828 187 468.

There will also be arrange of crystals, books, orgonite pyramids and angel cards from Stephanie J King. You can see her new angel messages book, art products, salt lamps, Buddhas, Doterra Oils, Tropic, Aloe Vera and lots of other unique products not available on the high street.

Rosemary said: “We are very excited as we have Jeanette Wilson international psychic surgeon coming all they way from New Zealand, also, Jeanette will be providing the after show workshop and demonstration that is from 5pm until 6pm so it certainly worth putting that in your diary too.”

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