Darby Ward’s ‘grand reveal’ on RHOC

Introducing the surgeon behind Darby’s new boobs!

Viewers of The Real Housewives of Cheshire have been left in suspense since episode 3 of the current series following airing of Darby, Taylor and mum Dawn’s consultation with the doctor she calls the “Amazing Surgeon Mr Gerard Lambe”.

Mr Lambe (and his company Reflect Clinic Ltd) was recommended to Dawn as one of the best breast surgeons in Cheshire. He has been performing surgery for over 20 years in a range of hospitals in the North West and internationally in Australia, New Zealand and Taiwan.

He settled in Cheshire nearly a decade ago due to the fantastic opportunities here for both work and family life.

He took a little time out to answer a few questions for So Cheshire readers…


Why did you want to become a surgeon?

When I was a child I fell into a glass door and was rushed to hospital. The doctors and nurses did a fantastic job of looking after and repairing me and since that day I knew I wanted to be a doctor!

I studied medicine at Liverpool Medical School, one of the best universities in the UK, and whilst there I was voted “most likely to go to Hollywood” which has come true to an extent as I deal on a daily basis with the famous, gorgeous and glamorous ladies of Cheshire.


How did you end up being on The Real Housewives of Cheshire?

Luckily for me Dawn’s PA asked around and I was recommended by a number of ladies in Cheshire and Manchester. I was asked if it was something I would be interested in and the rest is “herstory”!


What was the consultation like?

The ladies opted to see me in the brand new Spire Manchester Hospital in Didsbury and to be honest Dawn left the questions to her daughters, both Taylor and Darby, as at the time they were both thinking about breast surgery.

We spent time showing the girls what could be achieved by using 3D Virtual Reality Visors which they described as “amazing,” and have since been hashtagged #BoobGoggles on social media.

The girls were both intelligent, sensible and in good health and more importantly had realistic aims of what could be achieved therefore great candidates for surgery.

Darby’s surgery was quite straightforward but Taylor’s is more complicated so she is taking her time to think about what she would like to do. Again, very sensible!


Decisions, decisions

Since then, the decision to go ahead and have surgery has caused much debate on and off screen.

Dawn Ward was even invited on to Loose Women to talk about the events leading up to the decision to go ahead which had seen her having to defend her decision to support her daughters whatever their decision.

She was subjected to intense questioning by the ladies which sparked Twitter followers to comment their support for the Wards.

This was then picked up by The Daily Star, The Mirror, The Daily Mail (Femail online) and The Manchester Evening News over the following weeks.


The grand reveal

After the controversy and intense speculation, the show finally revealed the ‘new Darby’ when she wore a stunning low cut dress to Dawn Ward’s annual charity event The Creme Ball.


Social media response

Since then, comments on social media have been very positive with many Instagrammers calling the results “amazing”, “fabulous” and “natural looking” which is the greatest compliment you can have as a surgeon.

People should notice that you look better, but other than breast surgery won’t always be able to tell what has been had done.


Final thoughts

I’m delighted for Darby – she has had an extremely successful result. A very natural breast enhancement that is in proportion to her petite frame. We used the latest natural, teardrop shaped implants by Mentor which look incredibly flattering.


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