F1’s new logo grinds a few gears

Reaction to Formula 1’s new logo design

Formula 1's new owners revealed their new official logo for the sport over the weekend.

It’s reported that three potential new logos were being considered to replace the familiar 'Flying 1' logo introduced under Bernie Ecclestone, with new F1 boss Chase Carey confirming that Liberty Media was to unveil the new logo.

“We want to provide a fresh energy to the sport and thought the new logo was a great way to emphasise that,” he told Sky.

Cary conceded that replacing the former trademark will be controversial - a sign that he was well aware that it might not be warmly welcomed.

“For sure, any time you change you are always going to get a mixed set of views,” he said.

One of those joining the trade of comments against the new design was world champion Lewis Hamilton, who has lambasted Liberty over the weekend for tinkering with the sport’s “iconic” past.

“The old one was iconic, and the new one isn’t,” Hamilton said during a post-race press conference, adding: “Imagine if Ferrari changed theirs!”

Defending the refresh, Carey told reporters: “We are not looking to change the sport, we are looking to provide a fresh innovation and energy to a sport that is a great sport.

“We think we can enhance and better it.”

The new badge, which was unveiled at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, and is set to replace the original logo which stood for 30 years.

It is hoped the new design will freshen up F1 as a whole and help it appeal to a wider audience.

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