Chester Beer Awards return for 2018

It’s the third annual beer awards for the city

The Chester Beer Awards return for the third year and beer lovers in the region are again called upon to voice their opinions.

The nominations process is now open and locals are asked to choose their favourites in seven categories to the constant chant of “if it ain’t in, it can’t win”.

This means that only pubs and breweries who have been nominated stand a chance of securing the coveted top spot. The nominations window will close at 12pm on Monday 1st January 2018.

Organised by the team behind Chester Beer Blog, the awards are a true “people’s choice” event, designed to celebrate the local unsung heroes of all things ale in the Roman city.

Contestants who hope to secure bragging rights for the year will be nominated by the beer drinkers of Chester, and judged by an impartial expert panel comprising local beer bloggers, beer club hosts and beer festival organisers.

The much anticipated nominations for all the seven categories will be announced on the Facebook and Twitter profiles of Chester Beer Blog on Thursday 4th January 2018.

“Chester’s beer scene has come a long way in the years we’ve organised these awards and it’s great to see the positive energy and how people work together to really recognise the amazing pubs and bars, breweries and beer we have,” said Katja Knox, from Chester Beer Blog.

“We’re expecting January’s event to be bigger and better than its predecessors, so watch this space.”

Nominate your favourite here:

Winners of the 2017 Beer Awards can be seen on the Chester Beer Blog, by clicking here.

You can also follow Chester Beer Blog on its Twitter and Facebook channels.

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