Heston’s Melting Chocolate ‘Sprout’

What a mess! At least it’s tastes nice!



Heston Blumenthal has worked his magic to turn what can be the most divisive part of a traditional Christmas dinner into a dish everyone will love - a giant ‘sprout’ filled with profiteroles.

Available at Waitrose, the Heston from Waitrose Melting Chocolate ‘Sprout’ will appeal to even the most vehement sprout haters - because, of course, it is chocolate and not in the slightest bit sprout-flavoured!

Sadly, we were unable to document Heston’s work in a suitably magic way - and when we sampled the dessert it ended up more of a green and brown sludge than an elegant and show-piece dessert.

Nevertheless, whilst it didn’t look terribly appetising, we can say with confidence that it tasted good. And that’s what counts.

The new dessert has a green chocolate dome shell which, when drizzled with warmed caramel sauce, melts to reveal green profiterole ‘sprouts’ filled with a lime-flavoured crème patisserie.

The visual effect is a pile of sprouts doused in gravy. (So, you see, that explains the green and brown sludge!)

The zingy lime profiteroles perfectly balance the sweetness of the chocolate and salted caramel sauce.

Heston said: “The dishes that have caused the biggest response from our guests at The Fat Duck are those that look like something they’re not.

“What can be more fun at Christmas than playing with your guests’ minds and taste buds with a dessert that will leave everyone talking?”

Aileen Wood, Waitrose dessert buyer, added: “Christmas is the perfect time of year to create a fun dessert with lots of theatre for people to enjoy together.

“We are sure this unique pud will be a talking point, and will give sprout haters a chance to try a new take on the festive veg!”

Our verdict - Tasty, yes. Pretty, no.

Here's how the supermarket shows the dessert...


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