Opinion: Britain should vote ‘leave’ on 23rd June

Anthony Harrison shares his views

(This letter was written by one of our readers. Views expressed by our readers do not necessarily reflect those of So Cheshire or its representatives)

Editor’s note: Anthony Harrison leads the local campaign for Vote Leave in Macclesfield and Tatton constituencies. Here, he shares his opinions on why he thinks Britain should vote to leave the EU at the referendum on 23rd June 2016.

We have also posted an opinion piece setting out the opposing view to this. You can read that HERE.


Since the start of the 2016 I have led the local campaign to ensure that both Macclesfield and Tatton constituencies Vote Leave on June 23rd.

The campaign is a cross party alliance of Conservatives, Independents, Liberal Democrats, UKIP and Labour supporters and activist and is built of passion, vision, freedom and a desire to return national sovereignty to the UK.

On June 23rd we will all be asked to make one of our most vital decisions of our democratic lifetime; Do we stay in the European Union or is this the time that we Leave?

As a young 30 year old public servant who has been actively been involved in both national and local politics since the young age of 17 when I was still studying for my A-Levels at Wilmslow High School, the answer is clear.

Now is OUR time to stand on our own two feet again. We must embrace the referendum with both hands as our last true opportunity to take back control of our own country and lead from the front.

The European Union project that began in 1957 with the treaty of Rome and has since descended into an undemocratic, centralised monster that stifles small business with bureaucratic red tape, it plays into the hands of big business and bows down to the large banks.

But I would ask you not to look or judge the EU on its current form but the form it wishes to take.

Whether we like it or not, change is inevitable, we can not vote for the status quo. We will either be voting to remain in a European Union that continues to expand, ever integrate its institutions and push for ever closer union, or we can Leave and be voting for a Britain that creates its own laws, controls its own borders and determines its own future without interference from Brussels.

President Roosevelt said in 1933, “that we have nothing to fear but fear itself”, its just as true today!

Now is OUR time to stand up, take back our nations sovereignty, stop paying the £55 million pounds per day membership fee and lead Britain forwards in the world. 

We must remember who we are when the pessimists down play our country and say to them if we vote to Leave, we will NOT be isolated in the world but free.

Britain will still be a country that has lead Europe out of two world wars, it will still have its seat on the security council and the UN, we will still be at the heart of NATO, we will still have global relationships with not just the US but through being at the heart of the commonwealth.

We will still be a member of the G7 and the G20,  we will still be increasing our trade with the rest of the world out side of the European Union, does that sound like isolated in the world to you? NO.

We must vote Leave on June 23rd and ensure that we take back control of our own country.

We of a strong local group of civil servants, small business owners, farmers, scientists and students and welcome anyone to join our team.

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