Let’s talk turkey

Campaign for food safety at Christmas

(image credit: www.food.gov.uk)


With around two thirds of UK households choosing to have roast turkey for their Christmas dinner, the Food Standards Authority is offering tips on how to you can safely prepare turkey at home with their ‘Let’s Talk Turkey’ campaign.

For many of us, it wouldn’t be Christmas without turkey, so the FSA has compiled these food hygiene tips to get us ready for the festive period.


Top turkey tips

1. When Christmas food shopping, take a sufficient number of bags with you so that you can separate out raw and ready-to-eat foods to avoid cross-contamination.

2. Check the guidance on your turkey to ensure you have enough time to fully defrost it. It could take as long as four days.

3. Don’t wash raw turkey; this splashes germs onto your hands, clothes, utensils and worktops.

4. To work out the cooking time for your bird, check the instructions on the packaging. Check that: (a) the meat is steaming hot throughout; (b) there is no pink meat visible when you cut into the thickest part, and; (c) meat juices run clear.

5. Whether you cooked your turkey from frozen or fresh, your turkey leftovers can be used to make a new meal (such as a turkey curry). This new meal can then be frozen, but make sure you only reheat it once.

For more food safety information this Christmas, visit www.food.gov.uk/letstalkturkey

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