EE 'power bar'

Technology columnist Darren shares his thoughts

Once in a while a mobile network comes up with something great for its customers and EE has done just that with a new - and free - ‘power bar’ device which you can get hold of by texting the word POWER to 365.

The text will cost 35p and the conditions are that you need to have a contract or a pay and go phone with EE, however on pay and go you will need to have been on the network for three months.

Broadband or phone customers have to text the word JOIN and their landline number to 60005.

Non-EE customers can participate in EE Power as well. To join, however, they will need to pay £20.

Pippa Dunn, EE’s Chief Marketing Officer, said: “Almost everyone’s experienced the frustration associated with running out of battery and it always seems to happen when you need your phone the most.

“With EE Power, we’re trying to help by giving our customers a Power Bar that can simply be swapped for a fully charged one at any of our stores, at any time, for free.”

The power bar can be charged at home or even swapped for a fully charged one if you go into an EE store. The power bar looks great with green and yellow colours and comes with a USB adapter.

The power bar’s capacity is 2,600 MAH which should give your handset a full day’s charge.

It’s a great idea by the network and is expected to be very popular among its customers. I like this idea as many times my mobile runs out of life before I get home, so now I can just pop into a shop and charge it up.

The power bar will be available from 16th April.

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