Cheshire weather: 6th - 8th May 2016

Weather outlook by Shaun: @WilmslowWeather

“Dust off the BBQ but keep an eye on the sky!”

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Timing for this first So Cheshire weather outlook couldn’t be better as I come bearing good news that we seem to have skipped spring and gone straight to summer for the weekend.

It’s testament to the amazing variety of weather here in the UK that a week or so ago we were battling frosts, hail and snow and we are now going to be reaching for the Factor 30. 

Through this weekend we have a continental tropical air mass moving up over the country. This is bringing some very warm, humid air from southern Europe and North Africa giving some high daytime temperatures for much of the country. 

Friday sees the temperatures continue to climb as they have been doing throughout this week. A daytime high is expected of around 19C. There is likely to be some high level cloud about, making the sunshine a little hazy through the afternoon.

As we move into Saturday the temperature is likely to peak up around the 21C/22C mark, with the best of the sunshine likely earlier in the day.

Humidity will be rising through Saturday and it will feel quite muggy as the day goes on.

There are indications of a thunderstorm threat for later in the afternoon of Saturday. It is hard to say where these may develop but if you are planning to be out and about it is certainly worth keeping an eye on the sky (or following @WilmslowWeather for regular updates). 

Into Sunday, and a daytime high is expected of around 23C/24C. Plenty of sunny spells to be enjoyed, although again higher humidity will make it feel quite close.

A thunderstorm risk builds again through the afternoon. Similar to Saturday it is difficult at this point to say exactly where these may build but the chance is there for some severe weather.

Whether the thunderstorms materialise or not, a chance of showers can’t be ruled out through either afternoon.

Tree pollen is high at the moment, and many hayfever sufferers will be feeling the effects. Grass pollen season typically starts around the middle of May.

The sunshine is very strong at this time of year and UV levels are expected to be high for Cheshire this weekend. If you are out enjoying the weather, be mindful that unprotected skin can burn quickly. Slap on the sunscreen.

Outlook - staying warm and sunny into next week although temps may drop off a bit towards the end of the week.

Fun Weather Fact #1 - at any one time there are roughly 2,000 active thunderstorms around the world. Around 16 Million a year! #CrashBangFlash

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Have a great weekend!


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